Serial American Idol auditioner arrested for trespassing at Pittsburgh auditions

A woman was arrested at the American Idol 11 auditions, charged with trespassing and “refused to leave and became combative,” the criminal complaint said.

WPXI reports that Brittany Acosta “was arrested at the Pittsburgh Convention Center after she showed up for last week’s auditions without credentials and refused to leave,” and now “faces trespassing and resisting arrest charges.”

Brittany, who spent five nights in jail, admits she’s a serial auditioner (“I’ve been to California everywhere. I’ve been to Texas. I’ve been to Arizona. St. Louis. I’ve been to Denver, Colo., here, New York — I can keep going”), and told Pittsburgh’s WTAE that she made it through the first round of The Voice auditions. “I made ‘The Voice,’ so I’m doing ‘The Voice’ callbacks. I think it’s going to be better anyways. Christina Aguilera (a ‘Voice’ judge) is from here, so I’d like to compare myself to her, and I love her,” she said.

That’s not exactly what Brittany said while she was being arrested, as the complaint said she screamed, “I’m not leaving, this is my dream, my life is ruined.” WTAE also reports that Brittany said she was there just to support a friend, when “convention security came up and asked for my credential — this wristband right here — and they went and asked ”American Idol,’ and since the security from ‘American Idol’ as well as the crew recognized me, they told me that I wasn’t allowed on the property.”

In other words, she is completely annoying. Let’s hope neither show gives her a second of airtime.

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