Clay Aiken on Celebrity Apprentice seems likely

American Idol alum Clay Aiken is filming a network television show this fall, and he most likely is joining the fifth season of NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice.

Clay announced Thursday that an event that he was hosting and performing at had been rescheduled, citing “an unavoidable scheduling conflict with a network television show.”

The original date for the event–a fundraising gala for his own National Inclusion Project charity–was Oct. 21 and 22, right in the middle of the NBC series’ typical production schedule. The event has been delayed until Dec. 9 and 10, well after the show would conclude production.

A one-off appearance, such as on Saturday Night Live or an X Factor results show, wouldn’t require a two-month reschedule. (And if he was involved with X Factor, we would have heard about it by now, considering the constant leaks and promotion that show subjects us to.) The only other network show that would require production during the fall is Dancing with the Stars, and Clay is not on that.

Perhaps another broadcast network is producing an as-yet-unannounced series with celebrity participants, but it’s likely that he’ll be facing off against Donald Trump. That seems to be the consensus at the Clay fan community The Clack House.

Considering that Clay has his own charity, the National Inclusion Project (which used to be called the Bubel/Aiken Foundation) and has been a UNICEF ambassador, and his web site even includes a causes section.

It’d be easy to assume that the only type of TV project that could draw him away from a pre-planned charity event would be something that would benefit his charity even more. Being on the show would allow him to bring attention to (presumably his) charity and raise money for it.

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