Survivor South Pacific premieres tonight with a focus on Coach and Ozzy (ugh)

Survivor debuts its 23rd season tonight, returning to Samoa and last season’s Redemption Island game structure with returnees Ozzy Lusth and Ben Wade.

Survivor South Pacific does feature a promising cast of regular people and some welcome changes, so perhaps they’ll vote out Coach and Ozzy immediately and play their own game.

CBS has released the first 75 seconds of the 90-minute premiere, below, and it has a disappointing but unsurprising focus. My big wish for Survivor is that its producers (Jeff Probst included) and supervising CBS network executives would trust their own format and stop being crippled by insecurity and fear. The irony is that what’s slowly killing the show is not competition, but the reliance on gimmicks like bringing back people who were once interesting.

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