Survivor’s 25th and 26th seasons will be filmed earlier than usual

Production on Survivor‘s 25th and 26th seasons will take place about three months earlier next year than it usually takes place. The next two seasons will be filmed in March and April, and then May and June.

Ever since Survivor Samoa, the show has filmed back to back seasons in the same location, with the fall season being filmed in June and July, and the spring season in August and September. Previously, the show filmed one season in June and July, and the next in October, November, and December. (Production shifted to using a single location for one season and filming over five consecutive months because of budget cuts.)

The new shooting schedule is on CBS’ new Survivor casting web site, which says applications are due Oct. 4–that’s next Tuesday–for next year’s seasons.

The application, which asks you to upload a video and photo, has been simplified, and now only asks for basic information and a self biography that’s limited to just 70 words. It also wants to know how much Survivor you watch, and the options are pretty limited: “none,” “a few episodes here and there,” “a full season,” or “I have never missed a episode (I’m a Superfan!)”

Correction: An earlier version of this post misidentified the seasons’ numbers. Seasons 23 and 24 have already been filmed; seasons 25 and 26 will be filmed in 2012 to air next year.

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