Let’s vote for Shelly Moore to win $25K as fans’ favorite Big Brother houseguest

As I wrote on Thursday, I am not moved to vote for any of the Big Brother 13 houseguests to win $25,000 as the fan favorite. But I later realized that I am moved enough to irritate the Shelly haters that I’ll vote for her to win $25,000.

In case you missed it, some sick people threatened Shelly and her family members with things like rape and murder, but mostly just gathered to hate her–and it seems a lot more like actual hate than the irritation or frustration we often direct toward reality show cast members. And although they continue to deny that the most horrible things were ever said, and the most recent rhetoric isn’t violent, the parade of hate continues from quasi-literate people with Internet access.

Just head on over to America Hates Shelly Moore, where people took time out of their reflections of Sept. 11 to post, for example, “U have to be a nut not to dislike a person like that & in so much denial…yeah I hate her & I only hope God forgives me for this” and, in the comments of that post, call Shelly “a cunt” and “evil.” A lot of the relatively milder comments highlight the posters’ wit and creativity by calling Shelly a man. (As I observed, it’s fascinating, strange, and creepy that some Shelly-haters use their own kids’ photos to represent themselves on Facebook, so the effect is to scroll through angry comments that look like they’re coming from children–which is maybe appropriate.)

Shelly is far from a great game player, but it’s impossible to see how her actions are any more egregious than we’ve seen throughout the history of this awful show, from bigoted comments to threats of violence, so this is just batshit craziness.

That’s why I think we should vote for Shelly to win $25,000. How great would it be to send the opposite message, that directing all of your frustration about your life against a reality show contestant and her family pays off for the target of your hatred?

I am, of course, under no delusion that this will actually work. I just think it’d be great. Still, I don’t have the time or the energy or the passion to commit to voting non-stop 10 times under each login or sending $1 text messages. And I’m sure someone who got a lot of positive attention from the editors–say, Jordan–will actually win. But it would be some nice icing on this turd of a season.

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