Jordan’s out, Rachel wins Big Brother–oh wait, that’s next week

Jordan Lloyd was voted out of Big Brother 13 last night by veto holder Porsche, who had 100 percent of the power this week, which because of the game’s structure, makes the HOH all but irrelevant. Fitting, then, that the HOH was Adam, whose game play has pretty much been irrelevant–but hey, it got him to the final three.

Jordan’s exit was no surprise because she’s well-liked and has done nothing except cultivate relationships. She’s even suffered by being Rachel’s BFF these past few weeks. After Rachel lost the veto competition, she was bawling, and Jordan said to her, “You don’t take losing well, do you?” Rachel bawled.

But Rachel should be happy, because she’s most likely going to win on Wednesday’s finale (which follows Survivor‘s 90-minute premiere; there is no Sunday episode, thankfully). First, if she does anything well, it’s challenges, and if Adam sucks at anything, it’s challenges. Porsche has won three versus Rachel’s five, but I’d say that pretty much assures Rachel will make it to the final round of the HOH competition. (I wrote that paragraph before the endurance challenge ended; you can see who won.)

With Rachel in the final two, she probably wins. Let’s look at the jury votes: Jordan, Jeff, and Brendon will vote for her; Kalia, Shelly, and Daniele would be less likely to, although I can easily see them choosing Rachel over Adam. If Adam joins the jury as its last member, he will vote for Rachel; if Porsche does, I doubt she’d vote for Adam to win.

Basically, it seems to be Rachel’s game to lose at this point. Her victory isn’t guaranteed, of course–if somehow Porsche and Adam make it to the final two, Porsche wins, which would be hilarious since she was MIA for weeks–but I’d be surprised if nothing gets in between Rachel and her $500,000.

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