Big Brother gets resurrected in the UK

Less than a year after ending its run in the UK, cancelled because of low ratings, Big Brother is being resurrected–but with major changes.

The show will now air on Channel 5 and has a new house, while the show’s host, Davina McCall, is out, replaced by previous winner Brian Dowling. More significantly, the show will no longer offer the live feeds that have allowed fans to watch online.

Tonight, the eighth celebrity series begins, and it will be followed by a new regular-person series, both of which will air on the show’s new home, Channel 5, which has a two-year deal with Endemol to broadcast it. Channel 5’s director of programming Jeff Ford told BBC News that the network bought the show “to connect to a younger audience, and very importantly, we will continue to serve the viewers who love us. But we’re not going to tailor it for a Channel 5 audience because we want all audiences who used to love the show.”

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