Vienna, Kasey criticize ABC, which may show them having sex on Bachelor Pad

The second season of The Bachelor Pad debuts tonight, and two of its cast members are The Bachelor‘s Vienna Girardi and The Bachelorette‘s Kasey Kahl, who was on Ali Fedotowski’s season. They’re now a couple, and on the new show, face off against other alum from the show, including Jake Pavelka, who notoriously broke up with Vienna. In a conversation last night at an ABC gathering in Los Angeles, both Vienna and Kasey talked about their mistrust of ABC and the show’s producers–including the possibility the network may air them having sex.

I started by asking Vienna why she’d go back on the show after her bad experience, especially after Chris Harrison was a dick to her and Jake was abusive. Vienna first said, “I actually love Chris Harrison. He asks the questions is all he does. I will say this, though: After that interview, Chris was one of the ones hugging me and making sure I was okay. Chris Harrison really is a nice guy at heart, he is.” (As a sidenote, that’s what I hate about Chris Harrison: He’s such a fake person, going from snapping at her–“we don’t really care about the dog”–to pretending he’s her best friend. Even Chris Harrison thinks Chris Harrison is an asshole.)

Anyway, Vienna said she “didn’t agreed to go on it until they asked us to go on as a couple because I had such a bad experience on The Bachelor and it ended so badly. I didn’t want to have that experience again,” and added that facing Jake again “wasn’t just really awkward, it was terrifying.”

Vienna said she didn’t expect Jake to be cast, but Kasey did, and he said, “It’s ABC. I mean, I had an idea.” Kasey repeatedly said he was there to defend her, saying Jake “did horrible mental and physical things to her.” Kasey also said, “I was on the show to protect her. My number one goal was to make sure Jake was gone, off the show. Nothing else the entire show. Don’t even care about the $250,000. Getting Jake off the show was worth more than $250,000, because it shows good guys don’t always finish last.” (Kasey still has his tattoo, by the way; he called it “a constant reflection of who I am as a man and how I think women should be treated,” noting that his “mother was hurt at a very young age; she was cheated on.”)

While they said they “had a great time” despite the “drama” that we’ll season, it’s what happened between them in a private moment that was most fascinating. As background, executive producer Mike Fleiss told Xfinity, “If we wanted to, we could have released a sex tape from this season. One of the couples basically had full on sexual intercourse in front of the camera! Obviously, we can’t show nudity. But this is the raciest stuff we have ever seen. We are going to push the limits of ABC censorship, that is for sure.” (In the same interview, Fleiss illustrated what a horrible person he is, talking about Jake and Vienna’s reunion: “She’s hyperventilating and scared. You see the look of panic. It is really good–if you like panicking women.”)

When my friend Julie Zied from Xfinity paraphrased Fleiss’ comments and noted that Fleiss said a couple has sex on camera, Kasey and Vienna were first quiet, and then Kasey got defensive. Noting they’d been in “a committed and loyal and faithful relationship for seven months, things obviously happen because we’re together. Let me ask you this, why would ABC want to own or produce a sex tape?”

Vienna said, “I wouldn’t put anything past them — at all,” although she added later, “We’ve actually heard rumors about it, but we haven’t actually seen anything so we don’t know. We don’t know if they’re actually talking about us or another couple.”

But she clearly wasn’t happy about the idea: “to show anything along those lines, especially in the privacy of your own room behind closed doors, I personally think that’s just inappropriate for Disney and ABC to show at all. They have hours and hours of show that they could be showing besides that. I have an eleven-year-old sister.” Kasey wasn’t, either, saying, “if Disney wants to air some people sleeping together because they’re a family network, that’s on Disney, not on us.”

I asked why they’d go back on the show if they had such little trust in the producers and ABC, and Kasey said, “$250,000. And the foundation of a wonderful girlfriend and my possible future wife.”

Vienna answered, “I’d already experiencing them creating whatever kind of imaginary land they wanted to create,” saying the image of her being a “rich girl” was fabricated on her last season. “On a show like this you don’t ever see the big picture. All you see is little little tiny images of things. You never know who a person really is or what’s really going on,” she said.

That’s when Kasey said, “We’ve already said too much.”

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