Project Runway’s all-star season will have different judges, host, and is now filming

Project Runway All-Stars, the all-star season of the show that now airs on Lifetime, won’t share the same judges or host with the regular series.

Heidi Klum told People that it “is a completely separate show, with a separate host and a separate set of judges.”

That makes it into a spin-off and different kind of show, which could still work. But it’s disappointing that the all-star season won’t be like Top Chef‘s all-star season, which had the same judges evaluating contestants they’d seen previously.

A Lifetime publicist confirmed Heidi Klum is not leaving the regular version of the series, despite a report to the contrary. The production of the all-star season in New York City prompted the site Rumor Fix, which is supposed to exist to combat erroneous rumors, to erroneously report that “Heidi Klum has left the hit Lifetime show Project Runway as its host.”

The site has since modified their post to add “All Stars” in front of the show’s name, although re-tweets of the headline show the original version, and the URL includes the original headline; other versions survive, too. And even though they’re now trying to pretend like the sentence always specified the all-star season, the sentence doesn’t make much sense as modified because it’s not a hit show; it has never aired. I guess fixing rumors means perpetuating a false rumor and then fixing it to pretend like the error never existed.

Update, clarification, and correction: Because there was some confusion about the difference between the all-stars and masters competitions, including from me, I asked Lifetime about it. In May, the network announced all-star and accessories spin-off shows, saying the all-star season will be “featuring talented and memorable past contestants from the series who will once again compete against each other in a series of challenges to show they still have the innovation, talent and poise that made them household names.”

In January, there was a report that the show would have a masters and accessories versions. Whether that was incorrect, conflated masters with all-stars, or is something that was ahead of its time, right now we only have an all-star season to look forward to. As a result, I updated the name of the season being discussed here in the first paragraph.

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