Big Brother houseguest appears on Millionaire Matchmaker, says he’s worth $10 million

A former Big Brother houseguest now says he’s worth $10 million, and appeared in last week’s season premiere of Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker. Michael Donnellan was the second person evicted from season six in 2005, where he was identified as an artist and was partnered with Kaysar, his neighbor.

In his casting video, Michael says his “estimated asset value is over $10 million,” and talks about going from having a job that paid $70,000 or $80,000 a year to having a house in Cape Town, moving to Dubai for work, and buying an Aston Martin.

Michael organized a date that led to a fight with Patti Stanger, which ended with her kicking him out of the Millionaire’s Club and him “calling her a whore in Italian,” according to TV Geek Army’s recap.

The video of the date is included in the “dates with awkwardness” category on Bravo’s (still awful after all these years) web site, which says it is among “the most cring-worthy dates in Matchmaker history.” But from the clip below, it doesn’t seem all that awful, as Michael comes across as genuinely interested in sharing what he does with his date. However, I admit I don’t watch the show because I can’t stand Patti Stanger and her ridiculous philosophy about relationships and her ridiculous attitude, so this clip may not be representative of the entire episode.

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