Even the Zingbot disappoints on this crap season of Big Brother

Whatever you think about last season of Big Brother, but the Zingbot nearly single-handedly rescued it for me, making me laugh even after the season ended.

So when I read that the Zingbot was returning for the veto competition, I thought there’d be some hope for this season. But they fucked that up, too.

They Zingbot’s voice was, for some reason, extremely high-pitched and virtually incomprehensible, and its new, overly expressive body movements were coupled with dragged-out speech that made the jokes even more difficult to understand. Compare this year’s Zingbot to last season’s Zingbot and you’ll see the incredible difference.

And when I could understand them, the insults weren’t even that good. Jeff’s soul patch, really? A real zinger would have been to say something like, “Jeff, I heard you are a critic of Harry Potter. But who knew you could read? Zing!”

Meanwhile, Jeff won the veto competition and vetoed his own nomination, and put Daniele up. That’s led to some interesting strategy and drama (and conspiracy theories), especially (last night). But thanks to the rigid formula the producers stick to, tonight’s episode will give us about 10 minutes to cover everything that’s happened all week since then. I’m hopeful, though, that between that strategy and the fast-forward episode, we might have our best elimination episode of the season tonight.

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