Allison Grodner lists her 10 favorite Big Brother moments

Big Brother producer Allison Grodner has listed her top-10 moments from the 12 seasons she’s produced. They include Dick and Jen’s fight, Dick and Daniele winning season eight, the Ex Factor twist, Marcellas’ veto screw-up, Will Kirby’s season seven veto speech, Jeff’s coup d’etat usage, and America’s Player. So, a lot of the twists she created, basically.

The full list is in CBS Watch! Magazine, and includes her rationale for each moment. Some of the moments definitely belong on the list, but others don’t make much sense. For example, her #1 moment is season five’s twin twist, which barely registers with me; she cited the excitement of watching “how long a twist like this can last.”

Also, I wouldn’t have chosen Kaysar being voted back into the house during season six, because that was a dud, but instead chosen his realization that everyone was playing in secret pairs, which upended the game. Grodner focuses on the fact that he was from Iraq and viewers voted him back in anyway, which should give you a good indication of how she views viewers.

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