Brendon’s gone, again, but it’s time to bring back Shelly’s kid Josie

Big Brother 13 picked up a little last night, thanks to the second exit of Brendon, a fight between Rachel and Jeff, and the reappearance of Shelly’s eight-year-old daughter Josie, who is by far this season’s most interesting and best character.

In fact, I want the producers to bring Josie into the house and let her play, really. It’s not like they don’t break their own rules all the time anyway. But Josie is smart, no-nonsense, and clearly far more self-aware than her parent–and every other person in the house. During a segment about Shelly’s family, Josie recommended her mom align with Jeff and Jordan, and best of all, told the camera, “I understand that she doesn’t want me to get all upset, but, I mean, she kinda needs to stop lyin’ and just pick a side.”

She’s a star.

Meanwhile, Jeff has had enough of Rachel’s bullshit, and called her out on it when she got upset that he and Jordan wouldn’t cast symbolic votes for her man. It was clear he’d been holding back his frustration for a while, and he basically said that he and Rachel would have a problem–which is good for us, because that alliance needs to be split up. I imagine they’ll work it out and stick together, though, dashing all hopes of anything interesting happening ever.

The HOH competition didn’t end by the end of the episode, though there was time to see the producers dump white foam all over the houseguests–although unevenly, so Rachel basically had none in her lane. However, the results of the HOH competition have the potential to make things interesting this week, and combined with next Thursday’s fast-forward episode, I hope we see a lot game play. But we’ll probably just get the same-old predictable nominations and result as we slog toward the finale, which is less than a month away now.

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