Chipotle blamed for Soul Daddy’s closing

The saga of America’s Next Great Restaurant‘s not-so-great end continues as Chipotle is getting the blame for killing Soul Daddy, which closed its third and final restaurant in June.

Earlier this month, TMZ claimed that winner Jamawn Woods said Chipotle was to blame, although he wasn’t actually quoted in their post, which did more to prove that no one at TMZ knows how to use ellipses or em dashes.

But host and judge Bobby Flay did say Chipotle had all the responsibility for running the restaurant. He told Eater that Soul Daddy’s closing “was just an unfortunate thing … Once the show was over, it was really out of our hands. Chipotle was running it.” Flay also said that Woods will open a new restaurant in Detroit.

A Chipotle spokesperson said in a statement that “The Soul Daddy restaurants were generating significant negative cash flows and, after a careful review of the business, the investor group made the decision to close the restaurants.” Chipotle put at least $2.3 million into the business to become the show’s sponsor.

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