Idol creator Simon Fuller sues Fox over X Factor

American Idol and Pop Idol creator Simon Fuller is suing Fox and The X Factor producer FremantleMedia, asking a court to give him an executive producer credit on the new series. Yes, there’s more headline-generating drama about a series that’s still months away from actually airing.

In 2004, Fuller sued Cowell for copyright infringement, claiming that Cowell’s new show was similar. According to Deadline’s report, the new lawsuit says that, “Fearing that Fuller’s lawsuit with Cowell could have a ruinous effect on American Idol and other business interests, Fox interceded in the dispute and brokered a settlement” and “contractually promised that when X Factor aired in the Untied [sic] States, Fuller would receive an executive producer credit on X Factor and would be paid an executive producer fee for X Factor ‘commensurate with his duties and stature in the entertainment industry.'”

But in a statement, Fox said, “Mr. Fuller has not been hired, nor performed any duties, on the U.S. version of The X Factor. His suit seeks payment and credit as an executive producer despite his neither having been approved by the required parties, nor hired, as such. We believe this lawsuit is without merit and we expect to prevail.”

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