X Factor preview: the hype continues with a well-produced ad

Last night during the all-star game, Fox debuted a well-hyped trailer that is meant to hype the already hyped fall premiere of The X Factor. As with the ads that aired during the Super Bowl, it is well-produced and slick. Watch it before I discuss it:

I’ll admit that the opening really got me: I was ready to rant about its utter fakeness, and how the show looks just like American Idol. And I wasn’t buying Simon’s “It’s not about me any more; it’s about them” shtick and couldn’t believe he’d agreed to read copy like that. So it totally got me. Bravo.

As the preview makes clear, Simon and Paula are back to bickering again, which should be awesome TV if you are nostalgic for 2003. A a report from the Seattle auditions says that even as that old rivalry returned, the entire panel was tough on contestants.

But I’m still not convinced this is a show that I’ll want to watch, partly because the Simon/Paula thing was played out to the point of boredom on both of their parts, and partly because The Voice has shown us what a real anti-American Idol is like.

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