Whale Wars will spin-off series following Sea Shepherd’s new Faroe Islands campaign

Animal Planet announced today that Whale Wars will spin-off a companion series that follows Sea Shepherd’s efforts to stop pilot whale slaughter in the Danish territory of the Faroe Islands.

The Faroe Islands Project “began filming July 15 and will continue through the end of the Sea Shepherd’s ‘Operation Ferocious Isles’ campaign. No airdate or episode number has been determined yet,” according to the network’s announcement.

Sea Shepherd has both the Steve Irwin and the newly renamed Brigitte Bardot, the interceptor vessel that’s on the current season identified as the Gojira, but due to an unrelated legal conflict, the Steve Irwin is being held in port. (Paul Watson has asked for financial help to free the ship.)

Sea Shepherd announced its Operation Ferocious Isles earlier this month, saying that they “an improved plan of action to stop the horrific annual slaughter of thousands of endangered pilot whales known as the ‘Grind’,” and “intends to deploy acoustical devices to lay down a wall of sound in the path of the migrating whales to prevent them from approaching the islands. Sea Shepherd will also film and document the atrocities committed in the Faeroes.”

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