Brandon Hantz, Russell Hantz’s nephew, rumored to be on Survivor South Pacific with Coach, Ozzy

Among the 16 new cast members who will be on Survivor South Pacific with returning players Ben “Coach” Wade and Ozzy Lusth is someone with a very familiar last name: Brandon Hantz, three-time loser Russell Hantz’s nephew.

Brandon, who’s 20 and married and works at his uncle’s company (Hantz Tankering Service), was identified as a cast member early this morning on Survivor Skills by DanieuBleau, who correctly identified this season’s location well before there was any concrete evidence. (There was a teaser posted a week ago.) The accurate information about the taping location followed by cast member information suggests a source such as a crew member, so while I hope this is a Kimbo Slice-like rumor, it may not be.

Others report that Brandon had a casting video posted on his YouTube profile, but that, along with his Facebook profile, has apparently been deleted. His YouTube profile says,

“hi my names Brandon im 18 i have a lovely wife and son that im very proud of its a long story but anyways i love Jesus very much and cant wait to here from you guys! GOD BLESS=)”

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