Sugar attempted suicide after being voted off Survivor Heroes vs. Villains

Jessica “Sugar” Kiper attempted suicide after being voted off of Survivor Heroes vs. Villains, she said last night as she joined the cast of Celebrity Rehab. “Ever since the second time I did Survivor, I’ve been on a downward spiral,” she said at one point during the episode.

Sugar told the camera that after being voted off first, “I was drunk and I was going to take a lot of pills and I woke up with IVs in my arm, and they were flying me to Australia from Samoa,” Sugar said. She was presumably drunk at Ponderosa, which in Samoa was a resort later destroyed by the tsunami.

Sugar also said, “They sent me home from Survivor because I wanted to hurt myself.” However, it wasn’t clear if she meant “they” to refer to other contestants (who voted her off because of that) or the producers (who sent her home from Ponderosa and Samoa).

In the preview for next week’s episode, in the group session, Sugar says, “Something really bad happened after the second Survivor. There was, like, kind of an attempt of some sort.” Dr. Drew asks for clarification, and she says, “I wanted to hurt myself.”

Dr. Drew called her a “severe, severe addict” after Sugar detailed her addiction: “I’ve probably never gone a single day without smoking weed,” she said, adding that she’s smoked since she was 15. She’s also done cocaine, ecstasy, acid, pain killers, sleeping pills, and other prescription medication (“I like Valium, I like Xanax, I need Xanax”), and she has “two to six drinks or more” every day.

That should clear up any doubts about why she was cast on the show and needs rehab.

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