reality blurred is now 11 years old

On Saturday, July 9, 2011, reality blurred officially turned 11 years old, but I’m celebrating today because it’s also 7/11 free Slurpee day, and because I forgot on Saturday. Sometimes, you get so old that you forget your birthday.

But it’s a milestone worth marking considering I never thought a blog started on Blogger and hosted on Tripod would last more than a couple of years. Because of all of you who read on a daily basis, and who are just now discovering it and starting to become regular readers, it’s been worth continuing.

That was obvious when, earlier this summer, I asked for feedback and got more than I ever expected, and it was all very thoughtful in both its praise and constructive criticism. Thanks for taking the time to let me know what you think, and for watching reality TV with me for these past 11 years.

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