MasterChef edited episodes to remove fake crowd shot, revealing actual crowd

Fox’s MasterChef edited a faked crowd shots out of at least two episodes that used it. Producers apologized after it was revealed that they enhanced a crowd, making it look like more people were auditioning than were actually there.

At least two episodes on Hulu no longer have the fake crowd shot. Share photos on twitter with Twitpic In this image, I’ve combined the original image, captured by a Reddit poster, with a screenshot from the opening seconds of episode five, as it now appears on Hulu. (The shot appears to have been replaced with other footage in episode one.)

The really fascinating thing about this is how completely unnecessary the editing was: The crowd in the actual shot looks big enough to not draw attention. Sure, there’s a lot of pavement visible, but that doesn’t make it seem anemic. But it’s great that producers have replaced their unnecessary deception with reality.

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