HBO’s Hard Knocks won’t air this year because of NFL lockout

Hard Knocks, the HBO reality series that follows a football team’s pre-season training, won’t be filmed this year because of the NFL lockout. The network had scheduled the new season’s debut for August 10.

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King reported that there will be “No ‘Hard Knocks’ this year.” This won’t be the first time the show has taken a break; it didn’t air new seasons from 2003 to 2006.

Earlier, Sporting News reported that “several teams have reportedly declined the opportunity to have their training camp life featured on the HBO Sports’ documentary series, [but] the network is optimistic about carrying on with the show while following the progress in the league’s ongoing labor negotiations.” A network spokesperson told Sporting News, “We are monitoring developments and remain hopeful of presenting a new season of ‘Hard Knocks.’ Beyond that we are not going to speculate.”

Hard Knocks followed the New York Jets last year, and a press release noted that the show is “one of the fastest-turnaround reality series.” Between the challenge of finding a team and the lockout’s effects, it appears that they just couldn’t make this season happen.

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