Big Brother producer promises second twist, says CBS duos didn’t come from her; Will Kirby not returning

Will Kirby, the winner of Big Brother 2, has posted a message saying he will not appear on the 13th season of the show this summer as one of its three returning duos of past houseguests. He is listed on as one of six possible returning couples, but executive Alison Grodner, who has promised a second twist (which can only be a good thing, considering how uninspired the first one is), said that the duos did not come from producers.

Grodner told We Love Big Brother that there’s a second twist. As to the duos, she said they are going to be “notorious twosomes, power couples, potentially; pairs that have been aligned that have really stood out,” but would not confirm that there will be three duos. She said there are “two twists going on that are part of the same them this season that has the game being played quite differently right off the bat.”

That sounded to me like the non-returnees might be paired, too, except Grodner said there will be “a twist to the game” itself. The duos on shouldn’t be taken seriously: “That wasn’t a decision I made,” she said, noting that the vote will have no impact on who’s selected and adding that she thinks CBS’ web designers “only had room for six pairs,” which is as hilarious as it is amateurish.

Meanwhile, on his web site, he wrote, “My focus these days is my family, my friends and my profession. While I sincerely appreciate the enthusiasm of reality television fans I have other priorities that supersede any possible participation in non-scripted programming this summer. … There is simply nothing left for me to accomplish in this genre.” Will points out that his presumed partner, Mike “Boogie” Malin, “has a new show, Famous Food, premiering on Vh1 on July 10th at 10:00 pm so you’ll be able to see him all summer.”

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