Dick Donato offers no details about his exit but apologizes to CBS, producers, Daniele, fans

Late Sunday night, after a lot of teasing, Dick Donato posted a more than nine-minute video to explain his departure from the house. While he said that “everyone does deserve an explanation,” Dick actually offered no new information except to definitively dismiss rumors.

First, as he already did on Twitter, Dick addressed the “fucking retarded rumors. Fuck you to you all you assholes who start these bullshit, malicious rumors. You can all kiss my ass,” he said. “I wasn’t kicked out, I wasn’t put in jail, I wasn’t diagnosed with cancer.” Dick also said that none of his relatives were hospitalized, injured, or kiled (“I don’t have a fuckin’ brother”), and said “this isn’t some kind of lame publicity stunt aimed at promoting rtvzone.com.” He called the theory that he was kicked out over his video revealing his participation “ludicrous,” and also said that it had nothing to do with helping Daniele get further in the game, even though it had that effect.

Dick also said that his exit was “very unexpected and was not planned in any way, shape, or form,” and said “I had no idea about any of this” before going in the house. “I went in to win, not to leave and fuck CBS and the producers and my daughter and my alliance, and screw the fans as well as myself.”

He said producers actually met him face to face in the Diary Room, rather than talking over the PA, to give him “bad news about someone I was very close with.” Dick called that “an emergency that my immediate attention,” and said “the news hit me sideways and knocked me on my ass.” But he offered no details, adding, “I am going to respect their privacy and will not say anything else about the situation, so please don’t bother asking me. … This is a private matter, so I hope you all understand my decision without knowing specifics.”

That’s little more information than CBS’ official statement that Dick left for “personal reasons.” And don’t expect any additional details on Wednesday’s episode: In a chat late Saturday night, according to BBDish’s transcript, Dick wrote, “I can say what I want and CBS is ok with it. They just want to know what I am going to say is all. It is a matter of privacy, and they respect that. They will be very vague.” In that chat, he also said, “I won’t be back this season, so don’t start any rumors.”

On the video, before he concludes by promoting his web site and repeating some of the above, Dick said, “For anyone who thinks this isn’t a good enough explanation, kiss my ass.”

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