Dick Donato addresses rumors about his departure from Big Brother

Early this morning, Dick Donato addressed rumors about his exit from the Big Brother 13 house, and promised a more detailed explanation will come soon.

On Twitter, Dick thanked fans “for all the concern and well wishes” and wrote, “to squash the rumors, I am not in jail, don’t have cancer, my mother son and girlfriend are not in the hospital & I was not kicked out.”

CBS’ statement about his departure said only that he left for “personal reasons,” and there were reports online that it had something to do with his girlfriend. Others speculated that a video Dick had posted to his web site resulted in his disqualification. The jail rumor came from former reality show cast member Mark Long, who wrote on Twitter, “Last i heard, he now might b in jail,” adding later, “Evel Dick just got in his first jail fight.”

Dick wrote that he “will be releasing a public video statement on [RTVZone.com] in the next couple days concerning my departure from the Big Brother House.” That is the web site he co-owns, so he’s obviously (and smartly) using this to generate traffic and attention for the site. He insisted, “Don’t bother asking me questions, I won’t be answering… I will let you know when my public statement is posted.”

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