Evidence that Dick and Daniele have seen each other in the last six months?

Update below: The woman is the photo is likely not Daniele.

When Dick Donato entered the Big Brother 13 house, he told the other houseguests that he and his daughter, Daniele Donato, were not speaking and had only interacted once. In the Diary Room, Dick said, “Daniele and I haven’t spoken in three years.” He also said that to his fellow houseguests: “We haven’t spoken in three years. We ran into each other once at my mom’s house.”

But they had dinner together this January in Orlando, Fla., at La Hacienda de San Angel, the new restaurant at Epcot’s Mexico pavilion, according to a reader who saw them there. I assume Dick’s mother does not live at Epcot. (Of course, as Jeff said, lying about their relationship is very possibly strategy on Dick and Daniele’s part to make them less of a target, so evidence that they did see each other at another point is not surprising.)

Dick and Daniele Donato at Epcot, Jan. 2, 2011, about 6 p.m. ET. on Twitpic These photos were sent to reality blurred by a reader who saw the father and daughter at the restaurant. Sitting across the table from Dick and wearing a hat is Daniele, according to the reader who saw them.

Dick and Daniele Donato at Epcot, Jan. 2, 2011, about 6 p.m. ET. on Twitpic Dick tweeted that he was at Epcot on the same day these photos were taken, I confirmed. While they are not the clearest photos, and the hat the woman is wearing makes it more difficult to identify her, the person who sent them told me that “it was obvious” that he was with Daniele, because “she had that same pouty look on her face that she does on the show.”

Even if they had dinner, they didn’t necessarily have to talk to one another, but of course, this isn’t Dick’s mother’s house, so he wasn’t being truthful.

Update: Commenters here and elsewhere have suggested the woman in the photo is not Daniele but Amy Benallo, Dick’s girlfriend, citing her hair color, among other things.

Second update and correction: Most likely, the person in the photo is not Daniele. Multiple photos of Dick and others posted to a Facebook album show an unidentified woman in a similar hat with Dick at Epcot in January, and she resembles the woman in the photos above. I regret any possible misidentification; obviously, as noted above, the photos are not especially clear, and the story relies mostly upon the photographer’s identification. In any case, I apologize for the error.

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