Big Brother 13 debuts with its twists, cast already revealed and/or leaked

CBS’ second-oldest reality series and summer staple Big Brother returns for its 13th season tonight at 9 p.m. ET, a season that will see the return of eight former houseguests to play alongside eight new players. Thus begins two and a half months of dedication to a show that’s really not worth the investment but that, perversely, we love anyway.

As we go into the first episode, a lot has already been spoiled/revealed/leaked. (Stop reading this paragraph and skip ahead if you don’t want to know.) The couples who are returning to the house first leaked on Twitter, when three couples were identified by someone who tweeted that she has a friend associated with the show. Later, a YouTube video by the anonymous Corner Office spoiled the other pair. They are Rachel and Brendan, Jeff and Jordan, Dan and Memphis, and Dick and Daniele. Corner Office’s video sounds like the saboteur videos from last year, leading to speculation that producers are behind it; as Hamsterwatch notes, the original Corner Office poster “has proven to have both reliable and faulty info in the past.” Anyway, we’ve learned what happens early in the game to some former houseguests–two are eliminated, and they are two I’m very glad are going early–and the other pairs are apparently shuffled, which is something that makes me much happier about the twist. It is, I assume, what Alison Grodner referred to when she said there’s a second twist.

To promote the show, Julie Chen and her fellow co-hosts of The Talk, the awkwardly named live daytime talk show, went into the house for a few hours. The full segment aired today and should be online later; a clip of their time playing Big Brother is also online. It’s very weird to see Julie inside the house.

As you’re waiting for the debut and/or the live feeds to kick in–i.e. wasting your final hours of free time this summer–read my behind-the-scenes story about the casting process, or browse through the 38-page cast contract.

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