Celebrity visiting Big Brother is, of course, a CBS reality show star promoting a show

The celebrity who will show up on Big Brother 13 hasn’t been sworn to secrecy, apparently, revealing that he’ll appear on the reality show to promote his new CBS reality series.

The celebrity is former America’s Got Talent judge David Hassellhoff, who will appear on CBS’ new reality series Same Name. The Hoff is being brutally honest that his appearance is just shameless promotion for the new series. In an interview with AOL TV, he said,

“I gotta go do something on ‘Big Brother’ right after this. I don’t really know what’s going on [on ‘Big Brother’] to be honest. It’s one of those shows I thought I’d never be on, but it’s super high-rated and our whole gag is a prelude, a contest to figure out who this guy is that has the same name, which’ll make for a nice little promo for our show.”

I’m not sure what he means by “our whole gag” or “a contest,” and he wasn’t asked to clarify. But I’d guess that this will make an annoying promo that will fill time instead of content that might actually be interesting.

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