CBS confirms, explains Dick Donato’s departure from Big Brother

CBS has confirmed what live feed and After Dark watchers already know: Dick Donato has left the Big Brother 13 house. The network said it was for personal reasons, but viewers have speculated that he was disqualified.

The network said in a statement, according to New York Magazine, “Due to a personal matter, BIG BROTHER houseguest Dick Donato had to leave the game unexpectedly on Thursday. His departure will be addressed on the episode to be broadcast on Wednesday, July 13.”

In the house, Daniele told her fellow houseguests that producers told her it was an emergency unrelated to anyone she knows. She did, however, receive immunity until the merge–the Golden Key–as the result of her partner’s departure.

As Big Brother Network reports, Dick actually revealed that he’d be in the house in a video posted to RTVZone, prompting some to speculate he was disqualified. Even though the video was posted after the episode premiered, those who actually posted the video would have known that Dick was returning to the game, possibly violating the houseguest’s contract.

Considering Dick violated the contract while he was in the house during his season, by making threats to other houseguests, and since he is television gold, it’s unlikely they would have removed him just for that–but the timing is very coincidental, since he left the same night the show debuted and the video went live.

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