Cast of Bachelor Pad 2 includes both Jake and Vienna, others

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi, who last met on television to break up in an angry confrontation facilitated by Chris Harrison, and now the two will reunite on the show’s summer competition series The Bachelor Pad. They’re among the cast members reportedly gathering to compete for money instead of love, and started production this week; limo arrivals were filmed yesterday, according to producer Mike Fleiss.

People reports that Jake and Vienna are on the cast, and also says we can expect to see:

“Kasey Kahl, who hoped to ‘guard and protect’ Ali Fedotowsky’s heart last year; Erica Rose, who brought princess appeal to Lorenzo Borghese’s season; Justin Rego, who played drama king on Fedotowsky’s seaon with a secret girlfriend scandal; and Michelle Money, who became the resident villain for aggressively pursuing Brad Womack.”

Reality Steve says that despite reports, “Rozlyn is not on the show,” and that “Ashleigh Hunt is not on it. Neither is Kathryn Sherlock.” But he says “Alli, Jackie, Melissa, and Michelle from Brad’s season, Kirk, and Rated R Rego. Others who I’m pretty sure are on the show and didn’t shut their [Facebook accounts] off are Kasey, Vienna, Holly, Michael, Erica Rose, and Graham.” Steve does doubt that Jake is on the show, since Jake was on Facebook last weekend, when the cast was supposedly sequestered.

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