Emmy nomination episodes CBS is submitting for Survivor, Amazing Race, Probst, Keoghan

An advertisement from CBS reveals the episodes of Survivor and The Amazing Race that are being submitted to seek Emmy nominations for the series and for hosts Jeff Probst and Phil Keoghan.

The multi-page ad for CBS’ shows in the back of the current issue of Emmy magazine includes a two-page spread for the two shows (no Big Brother, Julie Chen, or Undercover Boss) and features large photos of Jeff and Phil. A DVD includes two “for your consideration” episodes for the both the outstanding reality-competition program and outstanding host for a reality or reality-competition program categories.

The Survivor episode is no surprise: It’s the 10th episode of Redemption Island during which Phillip flipped out and Jeff Probst skillfully moderated a tense Tribal Council argument about race. (The ad includes two quotes from TV Guide and one from USA TODAY praising the addition of Redemption Island.)

The Amazing Race has submitted episode seven of its 18th, Unfinished Business season, which took place in India and featured the Detour challenge that involved slapping cow poop on a wall; Ron and Christina were eliminated after Ron got lost looking for holy men, the episode’s Roadblock. That was actually a rather weak episode in a weak season; it started with a Snapple ad and included Vyxsin jumping into the Ganges, perhaps its best moment.

Both men will undoubtedly be nominated again, and if Probst continues his streak as the winner, at least it will be for a worthy episode. But it’s annoying when Emmy voters continue to award the same person year after year when other people are doing equally strong or better work. After a show or person wins, I’m always glad for awards to move on, because there’s plenty of great stuff worthy of recognition, and repeat nominations or wins often just seem lazy and rote.

The category could really use new nominees–especially So You Think You Can Dance‘s Cat Deeley, and perhaps even Steve Austin, who’s incredible hosting was the best part about Tough Enough‘s revival–and a new winner, just to recognize that other talent is worthy of recognition.

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