Abram gets probation, fine for smearing his feces in jail cell

Road Rules and Challenge cast member Abram Boise was sentenced to probation and a fine for an incident that ended with him writing his name in his own feces on a jail cell wall; he later bragged about that in a now-deleted tweet that said, “Cops were assholes tried to mace me in my cell.So I shit in my hand& thew it at him :) fuck the police.”

The Worcester Telegram reports that Abram’s “case was continued without a finding June 15 in Fitchburg District Court,” which is similar to pleading no contest. He “was put on probation for three months and ordered to pay $1,190 in restitution last week” after being charged in February “with two counts of defacing property Feb. 28.”

Saturday, Abram wrote on Twitter that “my name is now cleared- the charges are to be dismissed. I can go back to my life now.”

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