I need your feedback: What stories and shows should I be covering? What do you like best about reality blurred?

In a few hours, I’ll be unplugging from the world for my annual technology-free retreat, which involves a day of withdrawal followed by a few days of insisting I will change my behavior and become less addicted to all of the screens in my life. Anyway, I’ll be back on Tuesday, but this brief break is a good opportunity to check in with you.

What stories should I be covering? What do I not cover that you’d like to see? What kinds of stories are you most interested in? (Reviews? Recaps? Interviews? Analysis? Links?) I make no promises, and can do nothing about Redemption Island, but I read and welcome all feedback. I’m also curious about what brings you to reality blurred every day. Sometimes I’ll read a comment that expresses annoyance with a post’s analysis or opinion, which is surprising because I think that’s basically the point and part of what’s kept this going for more than a decade.

Anyway, you can comment below or on this post’s Facebook thread; or, send your thoughts non-publicly.

This is also a good time to remind you that I couldn’t have done this for 11 years without your help. Some of my best stories start from reader tips: tips, links, gossip, news, whatever, which you can e.mail me any time.

Whether you’re a cast member with a contract you’d like to share or you’ve just spotted a show in production, please send me an e.mail message. I look forward to hearing from you, and to continuing to cover, dissect, and discuss the world of reality TV with you all.

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