Ryan Dunn had 11 drinks in four hours; castmates reflect on his life and death

Jackass star Ryan Dunn died in a car crash after consuming 11 drinks in four hours, according to one report, although a friend drinking with him said that their drinking wasn’t “abnormal.”

Philadelphia’s Fox 29 created a timeline of his time at a bar, where the station says “Dunn had a total of 11 drinks over a four-hour period, and not eight, the number that has been widely reported.” His blood alcohol level was .196, well over the .08 legal limit; he and his passenger, Zachary Hartwell, died after “his Porsche [accelerated] to 140 mph and crashed through a guardrail, skidding down an embankment and into a tree, bursting into flames,” Fox 29 reports.

However, a friend who was at the bar with Dunn told E! News, “I didn’t see anything abnormal. … Reports were saying five hours which is ludicrous. It was maybe two hours. He was the same person as he came in and as he left he was in good spirits, just really happy to be there with his friends.” He said their drinking was simply “guys at the bar drinking, relaxing, having a couple of drinks. That is all it was.”

The bar that he was at won’t be charged because he “was not visibly intoxicated as employees there served him six shots and two beers over four hours early Monday,” The Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

G4, which aired one of nine episodes of Ryan’s new series Proving Ground, has removed the show from its schedule (a network spokesperson posted a note on its web site that said the network was “shocked and deeply saddened” about his death.

In a statement after his death, MTV called Ryan “a beloved member of the MTV family for more than a decade.” Elsewhere, his colleagues reflected on his death, as Johnny Knoxville wrote what “I wished I could have told everyone” at the memorial service, and producer Jeff Tremaine wrote that he is “so destroyed by the loss of Ryan that words cannot describe it”; Tremaine and also wrote about Zach, who he called “pretty hardcore.”

Update: G4 announced late this morning that it will return Proving Ground to its schedule, but not until late next month. After a “special tribute episode” of Attack of the Show, the series will resume July 19 at 8 p.m. ET. In the statement, network president Neal Tiles said, “It was important to all of us at G4 to find a way to celebrate his life and pay tribute to him. With the support of Ryan’s family, we’ve decided to air the remaining episodes of ‘G4’s Proving Ground’ and give his fans the opportunity to continue watching this series that he was so passionate about.”

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