Matt Paxton’s clutter cleaning will be the focus of Dirty Money, a pilot airing on A&E Saturday

Hoarders star and hero Matt Paxton has filmed a pilot for a new reality series that A&E will air on Saturday at 1 p.m. ET. The show, Dirty Money, follows Matt and his Clutter Cleaner team as they clean spaces for free and try to earn their pay by finding things to sell.

Don’t worry: Even if the show does well in the ratings and gets picked up as a full series by A&E, Matt will remain on Hoarders, which returns Monday for its new season. In a blog post, Matt promises, “I am still going to be on Hoarders and I am stoked to have this opportunity to possibly get my own show on A&E at a later date. If the show does well on Saturday, it may get picked up by A&E as a regular series. Let me repeat, my status on Hoarders will NOT change and I will continue to help Hoarders for a very long time. Dirty Money follows the less serious side of me, my business and my non-hoarding clients.”

By the way, Matt also stars in my Playboy magazine feature story, which is in the new July issue.

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