Parvati Shallow will travel Around the World for Free, disses Big Brother

Survivor Micronesia winner and Survivor Heroes vs. Villains runner-up Parvati Shallow will travel around the world on CBS’ web series Around the World for Free, which starts July 5.

The series starred Big Brother‘s Jeff Schroeder last summer (read my interview with him, or watch his 69 episodes). Before CBS acquired the format, the show aired online and on WGN, and starred Amazing Race 2 winner Alex Boylan.

Parvati told EW’s Dalton Ross that “this is my dream come true from the day I was born,” and insists “I’m moving in a new direction and I’m pretty much closing the book on Survivor, but I’m taking those lessons that I learned from that experience with me as I move forward and take on this new challenge.”

Her season will be more challenging than Jeff’s, Parvati said, calling it “much more focused on adventure, culture, meeting people in more remote places. I know Jeff kind of trekked around big cities, and I want to be in the jungle, in more uncomfortable places where people aren’t given all the comforts that we have in America. I want to experience life.”

In addition to that subtle dig, Parvati also criticized Big Brother: “I never watched Jeff on Big Brother. Big Brother to me, I find it to be a little less than exciting,” she said.

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