Big Brother twist: “dynamic duos from the past” (ugh)

Big Brother 13 will involve “dynamic duos from the past,” according to its host Julie Chen, who revealed the twist while appearing on Entertainment Tonight Canada.

“Dynamic duos from the past will have a significant role this season,” she said during the ET segment. While Julie also says “lucky 13” because this is the show’s 13th season, she doesn’t indicate that will play any kind of role. Big Brother Access noticed Julie’s mention of the twist, which came after her tour of the new house and its Venice Beach theme. (It is, of course, the exact same space with new wallpaper, furniture, and paint; read my detailed behind-the-scenes tour of the space.)

If “dynamic duos from the past” really is the season’s prevailing twist–with this kind of publicity-as-journalism, I’m sure Julie was revealing exactly what producers wanted her to reveal–I am not excited about that at all. That’s because it involves two of my least-favorite things about the show: pre-season pairings–which only worked well once, in season six–and the return of cast members who are never as interesting as they were when they were on the show originally. However, the “significant role” is the key part here, as it doesn’t suggest they’ll actually be living in the house.

However, and you might want to sit down before reading this, but Jessie Godderz did issue a press release to say he’d return this summer.

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