Paula Abdul officially on board X Factor as its auditions begin; hosts announced

Live auditions in front of audiences begin today for Fox’s fall series The X Factor, and the network officially confirmed the last bit of unconfirmed but already known news: that Paula Abdul would join the show as its fourth judge. This has been dragged out for 15 months, since Paula first hinted she’d be on the show in Feb. 2010.

The real question with Paula is whether she will be crazy Paula Abdul or subdued Paula Abdul. On Twitter, Paula thanked her fans for their patience and gave them a hug, and tweeted a photo of herself and Cheryl Cole.

Yesterday, the network announced the show’s hosts: Nicole Scherzinger, who has appeared on many reality TV series since her debut on Popstars in 2001, and Steve Jones, a model turned British TV host. Piers Morgan reported last fall that Nicole would be a judge, but although she did that job as a guest judge on the UK edition, she was pretty awful on The Sing Off, the NBC series she presumably won’t return to now that she has a gig on another network.

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