Bachelorette spoiled down to the final four before Ashley meets her drunk, masked suitors

The Bachelorette 7 kicked off last night with not-quite-a-dentist-yet Ashley Hebert meeting her 25 suitors, including Tim, a man who was so drunk he fell asleep and had to be carried off to a car by other men; West, the man who tabloids are insinuating was involved in his wife’s death; and Jeff, a man who wore a mask throughout the evening, denying it was creepy. It was an okay start, as good as relatively dull Ashley could provide, and at the very least, provided many opportunities for Bachelorette poetry.

The show also started with Ashley telling host Chris Harrison–who has actually insightful tweets during the show, and they aren’t smarmy or obnoxious like his hosting–that she heard from a mutual friend that one bachelor, Bentley, was there just to promote himself. (That sounds familiar, producers! Try harder with the drama that tries too hard.) But while she asked him to be genuine and tell her everything, she forgot to be genuine and tell him everything she thinks she knows.

Meanwhile, Steve Carbone has spoiled the season down to the final four, who are surprising, to say the least, based on the first episode’s editing. Because he was wrong about the conclusion of the show’s sixth season last summer, Steve is holding off on identifying the final three and two, saying he knows most of both of those groups but “I’d rather be safe than sorry and not give wrong information this season.”

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