Phil Keoghan stays on as Amazing Race host, adds executive producer credit

Phil Keoghan will stay on as host of The Amazing Race, and as part of that deal, he has become a co-executive producer of the show and signed a development deal with CBS.

Like Jeff Probst, whose behind-the-scenes work on Survivor has led him to now share billing on the show with the executive producer who runs the entire production, Dave Burris, Phil does more than stand on the mat and lift his eyebrow. “”Most of what I do [on Race] is behind-the-scenes. My energy has been consumed with other duties besides just being in front of the camera. I’ve always enjoyed that side of it,” he told TV Guide, which reported the news of his contract renewal. It said that he will be host for “several more years,” assuming the show lasts that long.

As to producing other shows, which didn’t work out so well for Probst, Phil said, “I’ve been talking to CBS about developing other projects. It’s been a part of what I’ve done for years anyway. I’m constantly thinking up new ideas and ways of sharing stories.”

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