Must-watch trailer for Coach’s new movie 180 includes him making out with another Survivor

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains cast member Ben “Coach” Wade stars in a new movie that will be released this summer, and in it, he reunites with his reality show co-star Danielle DiLorenzo, with whom he makes out in one scene. It’s a must-watch trailer, even if there’s no homoerotic knife fellatio like we saw in Survivor winner Fabio’s trailer.

The movie is called 180, and it will premiere in Missouri on June 17. Here’s how it’s described:

“Benjamin ‘Coach’ Wade (Survivor’s Dragonslayer) blazes onto the screen as Rock-god Gavin Larson. Gavin’s band, The Zebras, is on top, living every rock and roll fantasy. That is until Gavin’s band mates perish in a fiery plane crash.

Tormented by the memory of his band and the fading of his once bright star, Gavin begins a downward spiral of denial, delusion, and self-medication. His only chance at redemption rests in the people he’s screwed and the bridges he’s burned. Gavin’s plan? To form a new band and rule the world.”

That’s almost as awesome as the trailer below, which showcases Coach’s acting and singing. The most surprising part to me is that Ben/Coach and Danielle are substantially better actors than the other people in the movie, who presumably are actually actors. There’s more information on the movie’s web site, and you can also check out behind-the-scenes footage.

Coach filmed the movie last summer, but he has been busy this spring: a ballet he composed, The Four Elements, was performed at the symphony he conducts earlier this month, and he’ll be conducting the symphony in their annual pops concert in mid-June. That’s just before the July issue of Playboy will hit newsstands; it includes a story I wrote that, in part, profiles Ben based on a weekend I spent with him earlier this year. It may surprise you.

But for now, just watch this:

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