65-year-old grandmother dancing to Michael Jackson: the latest Got Talent viral video

An armless pianist won China’s Got Talent last fall, and his amazing performances were broadcast worldwide thanks to the Internet. Now, a video of a contestant auditioning for that show has gone viral again. This time, it’s a 65-year-old grandmother, Bai Shuying, who auditioned on its first episode last week.

She dances to Michael Jackson songs, and has some moves. The Telegraph reports that she is a self-taught dancer who said she “bought a tape recorder” to practice her routine, and said she Michael Jackson is “too beautiful, too moving, too inspiring.”

Her performance is nowhere near as amazing as the stunning sand art from the Ukraine version nor as shocking as Susan Boyle initially was, but it’s fun nevertheless. It’s also interesting how nearly identical the Chinese version of the show is to the U.S. format, down to the cut to the (probably annoying) host who’s watching and commenting (probably unnecessarily) backstage.

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