Mark Burnett will produce the Emmy telecast

Survivor, Apprentice, and The Voice producer Mark Burnett will take over the Emmy telecast this year, which will air Sept. 18 on Fox. A few years ago, American Idol producers Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick were going to produce the Emmy telecast, but backed out.

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences revealed that as part of its announcement that it reached an agreement with the broadcast networks to keep the Emmys rotating through ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC through 2018. Burnett also now produces the MTV Movie Awards and the People’s Choice Awards.

Burnett, who is as humble as he is kind, friendly, and honest, said in a press release, “As an Emmy Award winner, I know the excitement of standing on the Emmy stage before your peers and the American public to receive that statue. My mission in producing this year’s Emmys is to provide the absolutely most memorable television experience for the nominees, the winners and the viewing audience.”

But he still has to deal with giving out a bunch of awards no one cares about: The Academy announced that all categories “will remain the same” this year, although in future years, “the designated network broadcasting the Primetime Emmys and the Television Academy will give due consideration to reviewing the award categories and the manner of presentation of the awards, taking into account the interests of various constituencies of the Television Academy.” In other words, they might dump some of the less-interesting awards eventually.

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