Lamar Odom almost quit his E! reality show, but is now filming during playoffs

L.A. Lakers player Lamar Odom almost quit his E! reality series Khloe & Lamar shortly after production began, but now he’s still filming the series even during the playoffs.

“By the third or fourth day, I realized how tough and demanding it was going to be. I was like, ‘I don’t think I could do this.’ But we worked through it. What I do is, like, usually on a game day, I won’t film, because I have to have my mind in a certain place and I have to rest my body,” he told the Los Angeles Times.

Khloe told the paper, “We literally film our shows seven days a week for 12 to 18 hours a day. They want you to be at your wit’s end and tired. I think he thought we could send the cameras away whenever you want, but you can’t. And I didn’t want to put him under that pressure. He has his first career.” (I think she meant “a career,” at least one outside of being filmed, which is her family’s business.)

As to how it affects his basketball career, the NBA has given the show “unprecedented” access to footage and locations like the locker room, the paper reports, and the show’s executive producer, Jeff Jenkins, said they were conscious of not interfering. “I said to Lamar during our first meeting that we would shoot during the off-season, and he was like, ‘No, no, no. I’m boring when it’s off-season. I just sleep. We need to shoot this now, because this is my life.’ Lamar’s career is as a basketball star, and we don’t want to ding that in any way. We’re not filming the Lakers to reveal strategy or team secrets.”

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