Contest winner will spend a day in the Big Brother house for press day

CBS will let the winner of its new “Ultimate Fan sweepstakes” spend the day in the Big Brother 13 house, the same day that members of the “media” stay in the house and compete in a shortened version of the game that includes challenges and a veto meeting. (Watch the press day footage from season 11.)

To win, you have to enter online and “complete five different challenges,” according to CBS, which include “casting votes in Hall of Fame photo slams, playing games of ‘Who Said It?’ trivia, and watching featured, unaired live feed highlights.” In other words, you have to spend time on

The official rules contain some pretty major caveats: the person who wins will have to sign “standard participant agreements and waiver of liability forms and to sign waiver forms authorizing the release of personal and background information,” in addition to being “required to undergo a background investigation and a physical and mental health examination.” It also says that “the producers of the Big Brother show may still decline to have you attend the press day event in the Big Brother house, at any point, on the basis of anything contained within the results of your background investigation or your physical or mental health examination, or for any other reason in the sole discretion of the producers of the Big Brother program.”

So, pretty much the opposite of regular contestants, where problems in the background investigation and mental health exam ensure they’ll be cast.

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