WWE’s Tough Enough reborn on USA tonight

Few reality shows get a chance at a second life, but tonight, more than six years after the WWE’s wrestling competition series Tough Enough was cancelled after airing a fourth season that was integrated with Smackdown, the show is being resurrected on USA. It debuts at 11 tonight, and will air at 8 on subsequent Mondays.

Stone Cold Steve Austin will host the former MTV series, and perhaps because it’s on a new network and has new producers, the trailer calls it a “new reality series.” It’s also the first reality series USA has aired in years.

On the show, “contestants will battle it out each week in a series of unique challenges designed to test for such characteristics as showmanship, creativity, athleticism and desire,” according to the network, which notes that “[e]ach episode will feature a current WWE Superstar, who will introduce the contenders to a quality that they must possess to make it to the top of the sports entertainment world.”

Sounds kind of like The Next Iron Chef, actually, just with fake punching instead of cooking.

Here’s the trailer:

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