NeNe Leakes vs. Star Jones previewed after a discussion of Star’s ass

The Celebrity Apprentice was a bit slower than usual last night, perhaps because of the lack of Gary Busey, and perhaps because of an uninspired challenge that involved Donald Trump’s own brand that didn’t give the teams much to do. But it paid off in the boardroom, when NeNe Leakes turned on La Toya Jackson despite having befriended her earlier, and also turned on Star Jones.

That sets up next week’s fight between the two women, which looked amazing even in the preview. It was inevitable that they’d clash because they’re such strong personalities; directing a photo shoot, NeNe told her teammates, “This is my scene, so everybody shut the fuck up,” while Star scripted a presentation that involved her team echoing key words behind her, which La Toya Jackson hilariously mocked.

Trump fired La Toya after first pointing out that executives have repeatedly said La Toya was one of the strongest team members, then saying that he makes decisions only on task performance. But then he fired her because he said she couldn’t keep up with the other women–i.e. she is less compelling television.

It was yet another example of his irrational decision-making, one of his qualities that oddly prepare him well to be a presidential candidate–something he injected into the series for the first time last night. At the start of the task (which, like the whole season, was filmed last fall), he said, “Everybody is saying I should run for president,” which of course no one was saying except himself. He asked who wouldn’t vote for him, and no one raised their hands, because, as Trump said, “Everybody who raised their hand would immediately be fired because they’re stupid.”

Anyway, at least firing La Toya keeps NeNe and Star around to fight. And we got a good preview in the boardroom. After NeNe said that some of the other women were “crawling up Star’s ass,” which alone made me laugh, Trump said, “By the way, much nicer now that she lost all the weight.” Yes, he was referring to the size of Star Jones’ ass, and it just kept getting better. That whole sequence is, of course, the moment of the week:

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