Jeff Probst won’t take Regis Philbin’s job, but not just because of Survivor

Ever since Regis Philbin announced he was retiring from Live with Regis and Kelly, Jeff Probst has been mentioned as a possible replacement, which makes sense because he’s a frequent fill-in host. But Jeff says he will not take that job, but not just because of Survivor; it’s also because he doesn’t want to move to New York City. Jeff has, in the past, said he would like to host one of the talk shows on which he’s an occasional substitute.

“I’m flattered to even be mentioned as a replacement. I love the idea of doing a daytime show, but for me the big obstacle is location. I have an amazing life in California and moving to New York right now is just not in the cards,” Jeff told People. The magazine reports that his contract renewal “reflects his happiness being a host and producer of the long-running reality series and he won’t soon leave for other opportunities.”

Jeff also pimped his live tweeting to the magazine, spreading word of his new creation, the “virtual living room.”

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