Reality Rocks crowd called “anemic,” sessions had “embarrassingly small audiences”

Organizers for Reality Rocks expected 15,000 people to show up for its first convention on Saturday and Sunday, but instead got a crowd that its own sponsor called “anemic.”

Reality Rocks retweeted positive feedback from some attendees, but USC’s Neon Tommy reports that it was “nothing special” and while “[m]any D-list reality stars were friendly and gracious to fans during autograph sessions,” some of the who were scheduled to attend didn’t even show.

After the first day, Saturday, The Los Angeles Times reported that it had “only sparse crowds” and “panels in cavernous meeting rooms featuring lower-ranked contestants from past seasons of American Idol drew embarrassingly small audiences.” Day two didn’t go much better: the paper said it “hardly found its groove the second day. The crowd was fairly anemic Sunday.”

And the paper is one of the event’s sponsors. Another sponsor, Zap2it, had more fawning advertorial coverage, including Kent and Vyxsin pointlessly teasing Sunday’s episode of The Amazing Race and Omarosa talking, even though it’s been years since anyone cared about anything she has to say.

Update: Ben Mandelker has posted a hilarious, devastating recap of Sunday’s events in photos, and it’s far worse than any of the pretty bad reports made it seem. However, none of those reports mentioned that Kent and Visxsyn were wandering around, inviting people to come watch The Amazing Race with them at Hooters, and that changes everything.

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