More hilarious footage of Reality Rocks, “one of the worst expos in the history of expos”

Reality Rocks bombed as a convention, but like some of the worst reality TV shows, it has unintentionally given us the gift of entertainment.

B-Side Blog’s photos of empty ballrooms and autograph lines were hilarious–check out the American Idol performance where there are 20 chairs in the middle of a cavernous room, not all of which were filled–and last night, Current TV aired a segment that illustrated the convention’s failure even more.

In the report, Ben Hoffman openly mocks the F-list reality stars, who can’t tell they’re being mocked; laughs at a man who says he spent $36 on a ticket; and talks to the employee selling tickets, “the loneliest man in the world.” And there’s lots of good footage of the emptiness, and I’m not just talking about reality show cast members’ souls.

Ben calls it “one of the worst expos in the history of expos,” and while I was not its biggest fan, I will actually disagree, because anything that contributes to a video like this is worth doing again, just so we can mock it again next year. (And maybe someday, someone will figure out how to do a real reality TV convention. Hints: Don’t pander, make it about the experience and not about the marketing and advertising, and pay to get some actual stars to show up.)

Okay, watch and laugh:

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